Comprehensive home health care for kids.

Coastal Kids Home Care specializes in caring for kids living with illness or disability where they most want to be - at home.

What is pediatric home health care?

Our agency provides professional medical care - including nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy - directly in the homes of pediatric patients. Our agency coordinates with physicians to provide in-home treatments, manage pain and symptoms, monitor progress toward health objectives and offer 24/7 support to parents on caring for their children at home.

Who are our pediatric patients?

Any child with a medical diagnosis requiring in-home nursing or therapy is eligible. To provide care we require a referral and detailed physicians’ order. We coordinate regularly with local pediatricians, hospitals and pediatric specialty clinics at UCSF Benioff and Stanford Children’s Hospital. If you have additional questions on whether a child may be eligible please contact our knowledgeable administrative staff for more information here.

What are our Services?

Coastal Kids Home Care offers seamless transition from hospital to home. We offer 24/7 access to nursing support, hands on equipment training and medication management, at home care coordination, social service support and more.

When a child comes home from the hospital, our nurses are there to offer skilled care such as blood draws,medication management, weight checks and support to parent caregivers – ensuring maximum comfort and progress toward health objectives for our pediatric patients. Our licensed nurses are available 24/7 to respond to questions and provide integrated care for children in the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Receiving infusion care at home can ease families’ stress of dealing with serious illness or a medical complexity. For children, it means fewer trips to outpatient appointments, less time in the hospital and more time where they want to be – at home. Coastal Kids offers infusion therapy in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and south Santa Clara Counties. Our pediatric nurses are experienced in IV antibiotics, IV nutrition and other specialized infusion services.

For qualifying children with complex medication, equipment and care needs in their homes, nurses and LVNs provide respite care in a patient’s home, addressing a child’s moment-by-moment needs while offering their regular caregivers a much-needed break. Our staff understand the challenges of having a non-family member in your home, they are trained to respect boundaries and adjust to the unique dynamics of every family.

Coastal Kids Home Care Pediatric Physical and Occupational therapists provide in-home therapy to help children with developmental delays or congenital conditions to improve their cognitive, physical and motor skills and ability to handle day-to-day tasks at home and school independently. We currently provide Physical Therapy in Monterey and San Benito County and Occupational Therapy in Santa Clara County.

Coastal Kids comprehensive services also support patients’ emotional well-being. Our licensed clinical social worker offers various forms of therapies and counseling to help children and families cope with their illness. Counseling options are tailored to fit the needs of each individual child, teen or adult with options including individual therapy, play therapy and art therapy. Our counselors are experienced in medical anxiety, depression, social issues, loss and grief, and much more.

At Coastal Kids Home Care our palliative care team coordinates with physicians and nurse practitioners from pediatric specialty hospitals to ensure continuity of care from hospital to home. The goal of our palliative care program is to assess and manage the physical and emotional comfort of the child, and to ensure the family is supported throughout the course of their child’s illness.

  • Pediatric Nurses monitor pain and symptom management for children. Nurses are available 24/7 to respond to caregivers’ questions or concerns.
  • Licensed Counselors help answer questions from the child, siblings and parents and support the family in talking about what is happening. All family members also have access to one-on-one counseling.
  • Expressive Therapists help qualifying children to express their emotions through art or music therapy or assist to relieve symptoms through massage.
  • Medical Social Workers assist with practical and financial issues around ongoing care and planning. When appropriate they facilitate connections to a local faith community for spiritual care.

When curative treatment is no longer possible for a child, our palliative care team continues to respond to the needs of a child and their family without interruption. Our team offers compassionate in-home care for children at the end-of-life, and comprehensive emotional support for their families.