Coastal Kids Home Care--California's only non-profit pediatric home health agency--has provided more than 70,000 in-home visits to more than 9,000 children.

Our Mission

Coastal Kids Home Care improves the quality of life for children healing from injury or short-term illness, coping with chronic conditions or developmental delays, and those facing the end-of-life. Our staff provides in-home nursing, specialized therapies, social services and bereavement counseling to support the whole family. 

Our Story

After more than two decades as a pediatric nurse, Margy Mayfield knew what children living with serious-illness most wanted - to simply be home. Kids thrive when they can sleep in their own beds, eat their favorite foods and spend time with their friends. Yet, as coordinator of pediatrics at a home care agency she watched as pediatric programs faced quotas and cutbacks - affecting the quality of care that children received. Margy believed that kids deserved better.

In June of 2005, Margy co-founded Coastal Kids Home Care, California’s only pediatric home health agency. Her idea was revolutionary. With an exclusive focus on pediatrics, Coastal Kids was able to bring high-quality, compassionate home care to children with serious or life-limiting illness - all at a very low cost to families and community healthcare dollars.

Fifteen years later, Coastal Kids Home Care annually cares for 650 medically fragile infants and children with illness and disability from Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties. Our agency is the only specialized provider of pediatric palliative and end-of-life care in these communities as well. Since opening our doors, Coastal Kids has remained true to Margy’s pioneering idea – to offer exceptional healthcare to children and support to parents, all in the comfort of home.

Our Values

Coastal Kids was founded based on the idea that children deserve high-quality home health care and that this service could be offered with very low overhead. Although the majority of the agency's patients are from families living at or below the poverty line, we are proud to say that Coastal Kids Home Care has never turned a child or family away for inability to pay—and we never want to. Thanks to our grants, event sponsorships, private donations, and tireless hours from staff, Coastal Kids has provided more than 70,000 in-home visits to more than 9,000 children.